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I GOT ARRESTED!... well.. harrassed [Jul. 14th, 2006|11:56 am]
[mood |bitchybitchy]

So.. today? Haha it was pretty fuckin' exhausting.

Well I woke up with Gaige making annoying little noises..

And so I get up, cleaned.. got on the computer.. and got
ready to go downtown to meet up with the guys we were hangin
with last night..

So we get there, and the really cute guy decided not to go?!!!
I was so pissed, cause I wanted to hang out with him, and not
his fat annoying friend.. named "fat kid".

So.. basically.. we sat there and talked to the squater kids,
and I was chasing Gaige around, playin' in the dirt with him
and spinning him around.. and then I see this really cute guy
kiss this other cute guy! And then.. yuck.. fat kid kissed one
of the guys.. blehhh....

And then the fat kid says,"You know that even though I kissed
him, you think I'm attractive." and I was like,"hahah you
come up with weird questions" cause I didn't know what to say.

So about 10 minutes later.. I lit a cig up, and I turn around
to find a cop walkin towards me?! And so quickly I turn back
around, and then the cop says "Can I have your age please?"
And so not thinking, I said "18, but I forgot my ID" and so he
asks me to spell my name and tell him my birthdate, and I said
"Hannah SalmEns, 12/4/1988 " instead of Hannah SalmOns 12/4/91.

And so he's like "I know you lied to me cause no one that's 18
hesitates when asked for their birthday." And he's like, "what's
your birthday again?" and I said. "12/4/88" and he said. "You
are lying to me. You told me two different birthdays." and I
was like, "What? I didn't tell you two different birthdays!"
And he's like "I can arrest you right now!" and so I said
"Look, I'm trying to be respectful, but I didn't give you two
different birthdays" and he said "what's your real age?" and I
said, "...14" and then he called for back up, and so my sister
Said, "well can I say something? She's my sister, and she's
here to visit" and talked to the other cock head about it and
he's like "You and your sister could go to jail for lying, and
for underage consumption.. but I'm just going to send a Juvi
statement, and you'll have to leave."

And so we left.. and I swear to god, I've never been more pissed
in my life!I was about to just swing at something.. So the fat kid
invited us to a party. And he called my sister and was like "between
you and I, I really want to nail your sister" so we decided not to go.

Thank god..

So.. I passed out on Gaige's floor for about 2 hours and then I woke
up, talked to Mr.Rowe.. and did a few things online..

I think it's time for me to get some shut eye..

Late niggas


Here's a pic I took todayCollapse )
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Short, yet long day. [Jul. 13th, 2006|04:56 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

So last night I had a weird dream.. everynight I've been in Arizona so
far, I've had a weird dream. All about my friends, and about my x
boyfriends, and just weird shit. Last night I had another dream about
my x boyfriend Zach Kisseberth. Two nights ago I had a dream that he
had his long shaggy hair back, and that we were dating, and he was
the best boyfriend. And then last night I had a dream that was like a
sequel.. Zach and I got married.. and we had kids? And I dont remember
what their names were, but it just really freaked me out.. BAH!

Well today, we woke up, fixed our hair, and got dressed to take Blythe
and Gaige on Another walk.. but first I had an awesome talk with Kayda..
omg 7 is her lucky number and 3 is mine.. that's all I have to say about
it. Oh.. and if I do go back to Findlay, it'll be from my dads, and Emily,
Kaydas sister, is going to pick me up! We already planned out the whole
thing.. hahaha..

But back to the walk.. we were supposed to go to the park, buy we stopped
at "Juniper Street Community Garden" and looked at these awesome ass spiders.
I got a couple pictures, but it was with a disposable camera so It'll take
forever to get them developed cause I'm not a yuppie.

We just got back about 20 minutes ago, ate little nastyness microwavable
pizzas.. and then here I am.. writing in my journal.

So.. our plans for tonight, are to walk down town and flaunt our good lookin'
hair! Haha.. and possibly look at somethings..


Ahh.. I guess I'll write more when we get back..


So.. we went down town and this guy came up to us and asked for some change,
so we gave what every thing we had, to him.. and then I walked up to him and gave
him 3 ciggaretts.. and we sat down and just hoped they'd come up to us, cause
there was a HOTT guy with the dude. And they did!! And we ended up hanging out
from 7:30 to 10 something, and we had water fights, and we told stories, and
jokes, and god! It was just so fun!

And there was this homeless guy and his dog named Bob there, and he was so
fuckin' drunk! He taught his dog to understand german! And he was so crazy!
He was like.. "whats your name?" and I was like.."Umm..Hannah?!" and he
reached for my hand and kissed it, and I was Like BLEH! And everyone started
laughing, cause he was soo fuckin' drunk!

And so we kept talking and I thought this Casey guy was soooo cute!!!! And
Casey's friend walked up to me a little after me and Casey were talking,
and his friend shook me and I was like "wha?" cause he was behind me, so I
turned around and the guy goes "Casey! Dont get mad!!" and I was LMFAO! AHH!!
So.. me and Casey really hit it off.. and Casey wants me and Phoebe to go back
tomorrow and hang out! Yay!

I just got out of the shower.. and I'm sitting in a towel debating whether I
should go blow dry my hair, or just got to bed..

Ahh.. bed sounds nice..

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HAIR CUT!!! [Jul. 12th, 2006|11:07 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

Today we went back to the dentist.. Sarah has some pretty
impressive things to do with her teeth.. And it's fuckin' expensive
as hell!

So.. after that, we went came home, and got ready for a walk. So..
We went around the block and there's so many hills, and turns, that
it took us about 45 minutes..

After that, we loaded up our shit, got the kids in the car, and
headedoff for Regis. Sarah has been telling us that her hair stylest,
is amazing, and he only does womans hair, and that he wasn't straight,
and I got so excited cause I thought he'd be an older guy that wore
cute girly clothes, pink sunglasses, and had a perfectly matching
outfit. But.. when we got there, he walked out and my and Phoebe's
mouth both just drop! He was sooo CUTE! And he was so metro, it was
"fabulous" lmfao..

So he cut Phoebe's hair first, and it's just basically a trim, and
with my hair.. well.. here's some picsCollapse )
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LONG DAY [Jul. 11th, 2006|11:45 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Gnarls Barkley- "Crazy"]

So.. today.. woke up, took Sarah to the dentist, and then
went to the Pet Shop with Ty, Pheebs, Gaige and Blythe.

We saw some fuckin' weird ass animals. We saw this little
yellow canary that looked like it had a shaggy little gray
toupee on it's head, we saw a love bird lean into his water
dish and then back up, numerous times while making weird
noises, we saw a little cockatiel that looked like it had
only a the top part of his beak, and he was sticking his
tongue out and then back in like 1302384 times and squinting
his eyes every time his tongue returned to his mouth..And we
saw 4 little identical black and white kittens that were on
crack and were scared of my fingers.

So.. then we went to some store and bought some nasty fig
nuttens for Blythe and Gaige.. I ended up eating a few..
then gaging because they were so gross.

After that, we picked up Sarah, and went to China Garden..
ate some chinese.. and I opened a fortune cookie, and we
usually say "in bed" after we read our fortune, and well..
Here's a pic of what mine said :P
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then.. went to CompusCoffeeBean for Happy Hour.. which is..
buy a coffee, get one free, from 4-6 pm. We drank half our
coffee and then went out to the car and Phoebe got in the
car back words and leaned forwards and her straw stabbed her
in the nose? Lmfao.. so she had a bloody nose for about 20
minutes.. and then we went to Ty's parents to get the van to
pick up the couch and love seat at the store, since our car
isn't big enough..

So while Ty went and got the furniture, we went grocery
shopping.. it was really ironic, cause we were talking about
Meth on the way there and we went to the wrong store twice..

Well we finally got to the store we wanted to go to, and we
go our groceries, and then the guy that me and Phoebe met down
town, and gave a fake number to worked there and he was out bag
boy! I was so embarrassed.. but obviously he didn't even try to
call.. thank god!

So we came home, moved to couches inside, and then we ate dinner,
and then I got this horrible message from a guy I really like..
he called me a dumb bitch, and told me I was a whore, and that I
was stupid.. but it was all for a misunderstanding, and I really
hope he realizes it!

Well.. I have to go..

OH! I'm getting my lip pierced again, and I'm bleaching my hair and
dying it permanent pink with Jessica Lynn! She's my best friend :D I
love her to death!

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New to LJ [Jul. 10th, 2006|11:59 am]
[mood |rejectedrejected]
[music |Nirvana- "Jesus Dont Want Me For A Sunbeam"]

So.. I'm new.. I just got off of stupid Emo Xanga..

Here was today's entry- This is Reality.. Wake up call..

Have you ever felt like the world was caving in on you? Like..
you were hated by all, and everyone in the world couldn't care
less about the stress, confusion, and depressing bullshit your
going through?

I swear, just by taking a vaca, My mom doesn't love me. My sister
thinks I hate her. One of my best friends dumped me for someone
she used to hate and told me I was the most obnoxious annoying
judgmental person she's ever met.. My other best friend, never
answers the phone when I need to talk to her.. and I'm probably
going to be homeless within the next month.

I really just don't feel like going through this. I just don't want
to live through this pain.. and I shouldn't have to. I just want to
make everyone happy, and I can't. I'm either too selfish, too
conceited, too judgmental, or I'm just not fun to be with anymore.

I remember when I was so loved, and it felt so great to be with my
friends, and not have any worries cause I was just 12-13-14.. and
then everything bad just slapped me in the face for a wake up call.
I'm not a good friend, and I can't believe I never saw it before.
I am judgmental. I'm annoying as hell. And I am basically mentally
ill, cause I'm not up to date with the whole trust thing. I'm way
ahead of it all.

I'm thinking about just starting a new life. I have to. I need new
friends, and a new town, and a new everything.. Even though it's not
what I want, I'm going to drive myself to suicide with all of the
stress if I don't.

So.. would I rather live happy in a new town.. and start over for the
millionth time.. or live the same place and hope things get better?
Idk..I'm undecided.

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