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LONG DAY [Jul. 11th, 2006|11:45 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Gnarls Barkley- "Crazy"]

So.. today.. woke up, took Sarah to the dentist, and then
went to the Pet Shop with Ty, Pheebs, Gaige and Blythe.

We saw some fuckin' weird ass animals. We saw this little
yellow canary that looked like it had a shaggy little gray
toupee on it's head, we saw a love bird lean into his water
dish and then back up, numerous times while making weird
noises, we saw a little cockatiel that looked like it had
only a the top part of his beak, and he was sticking his
tongue out and then back in like 1302384 times and squinting
his eyes every time his tongue returned to his mouth..And we
saw 4 little identical black and white kittens that were on
crack and were scared of my fingers.

So.. then we went to some store and bought some nasty fig
nuttens for Blythe and Gaige.. I ended up eating a few..
then gaging because they were so gross.

After that, we picked up Sarah, and went to China Garden..
ate some chinese.. and I opened a fortune cookie, and we
usually say "in bed" after we read our fortune, and well..
Here's a pic of what mine said :P
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Then.. went to CompusCoffeeBean for Happy Hour.. which is..
buy a coffee, get one free, from 4-6 pm. We drank half our
coffee and then went out to the car and Phoebe got in the
car back words and leaned forwards and her straw stabbed her
in the nose? Lmfao.. so she had a bloody nose for about 20
minutes.. and then we went to Ty's parents to get the van to
pick up the couch and love seat at the store, since our car
isn't big enough..

So while Ty went and got the furniture, we went grocery
shopping.. it was really ironic, cause we were talking about
Meth on the way there and we went to the wrong store twice..

Well we finally got to the store we wanted to go to, and we
go our groceries, and then the guy that me and Phoebe met down
town, and gave a fake number to worked there and he was out bag
boy! I was so embarrassed.. but obviously he didn't even try to
call.. thank god!

So we came home, moved to couches inside, and then we ate dinner,
and then I got this horrible message from a guy I really like..
he called me a dumb bitch, and told me I was a whore, and that I
was stupid.. but it was all for a misunderstanding, and I really
hope he realizes it!

Well.. I have to go..

OH! I'm getting my lip pierced again, and I'm bleaching my hair and
dying it permanent pink with Jessica Lynn! She's my best friend :D I
love her to death!